We begin our process with a brief phone call to discuss your plans for your project and our general requirements. We will then set up an Initial Consultation. This meeting is for us to fully evaluate the project space and to gather all of the necessary information that our team will need. The Initial Consultation includes the following: 

  • A complimentary in-home/business/space consultation to evaluate your needs, scope of work and budget.

  • Space Analysis: understanding possibilities, discussing ideas and goals, functionality of area and offering general suggestions.

  • Visual Dialogue: review of photos to build rapport and mutually understand the desired aesthetic.

  • Definition of the functionality, budget, scope and schedule of project.


We prepare a written, customized agreement outlining the specific areas for your review and approval. We then require a signed agreement and retainer to begin our work.


This is when the fun begins! The designer on your project and a behind-the-scenes team of magic-workers start putting together all of the pieces of your project to make your home design form seamlessly and fabulously. The Design Concept process includes the following: 

  • Gathering of conceptual ideas, such as finish selections, colors, fabrics, furniture & lighting specification sheets. Samples of the above are supplied for visualization.

  • Preparing technical drawings (if needed) to implement your design and properly communicate the intentions to you and the various installers. Technical drawings include, but are not limited to, AutoCAD/Sketchup/hand-drawn floorplans, elevations, furniture plans, tile pattern plans, plumbing plans, etc.

  • Evaluating design plans with you to find the best solution for your project.

  • Refining schemes and finalizing the design plan. Pricing of items will be provided and proposals for those items will be provided when items are finalized.

  • Utilizing necessary experts in the design field to achieve final goals. This could include contractors, wallpaper installers, painters, window treatment experts, electricians, tile installers, carpenters and others.

  • Contractor Books are utilized to keep all industry experts on the project organized. Every material, fixture, finish and appliance is described in detail in the Contractor Book so that every expert is fully informed and ready to get your project moving forward. This insures that every detail is accounted for and placed correctly.

We create formal proposals that include each item to be ordered and any important details about each item. The signed proposal along with the specified deposit will be required to place all orders. Tax, shipping, delivery and installation charges are invoiced separately. Approved proposals cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. In the case of product damage, Atelier will act as your advocate.


Our team manages every step of the process, including but not limited to:

  • Placing and tracking orders for goods and services.

  • Communicating with vendors and contractors to keep your project on track and moving forward.

  • Coordinating deliveries and installations.

Our magical behind-the-scenes team has got you covered from start to finish!


We don't stop at project management. We make sure you are 100% happy with every detail! Project finalization includes finishing touches, art and accessories. After a project is finalized, there is the possibility of a photography session of the project upon client approval.